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About Us

A Little About Us

Hi, it's Vanh, the Master Chef at Thai Green Village.

As you can see from the photo, this is me when I am coming out of the kitchen to get to know you and make sure you have a pleasant dining experience!

I & my staff welcome you to Thai Green Village and we are delightful for your patron.

We are taking your dining experience very serious from many different angles.

Do you know that I personally hand-picked all the wall decoration pieces from Thailand and their prices were $5,000+?

And it's worth every single pennies...because I want to bring you the majestic and royal experience from Thailand...

Unlike other type of cuisines, Thai food has to be made from fresh and natural ingredients such as lime, ginger, tomatos, kafir leaves, tumeric, etc to bring such flavorful aroma and quality.

You see! I personally prepared quality fresh food by myself in my kitchen...

and daily...for YOU!

Like I did for my own family...

So come visit us and have a good time together!